Intervention Letter

May 01, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The  information below is in advance of your student’s report card and fall universal screener assessment results.  Score reports reflecting performance on the iReady universal screener will be mailed to all families by mid-November.   If you have not gone paperless you will receive your child’s report card via mail along with your copy of the universal screener report.  Electronic versions of the report card can be viewed on 11/7.     

Based on your child’s universal screener scores, more information was needed about his or her strengths and areas for growth. As a result, your child was administered one or more additional assessments to help teachers better understand his or her specific learning needs.

The additional assessments that were administered are checked in the list below.

Language Arts Assessments: 

  • In class assessment
  • Developmental Reading Assessment Progress Monitoring (DRA2PM)
  • Word Analysis Tasks 
  • Phonics Screener
  • Phonological Awareness Screener

Math Assessments: 

  • In class assessment 
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Counting
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Place Value                                                                                                          

Below you will find notes describing any important information learned through the additional diagnostic assessment(s) checked above.  (i,e, I saw a strength in...I saw a area(s) of growth in…. )

  • Based on these assessments we found that your child is making grade level progress in literacy/math skills. We will continue to monitor their progress during the school year. 
  • Based on these assessments we found that your child will receive small group instruction with the classroom teacher or intervention teacher with a focus on (goal here)_____________________________________.