Marshall Road Library Curbside Book Checkout Program

The Marshall Road ES Library will continue checking out books to students this year through the Curbside Book Checkout Program. Curbside book checkout will begin on Monday, September 21st and will continue throughout our virtual learning journey as a way for students to get real books in their hands. Curbside Book Checkout hours are EVERY Monday anytime between 9:30-4:00.

Checking out, picking up, and returning books is easy! Students must first visit the Marshall Road Library Catalog and login to their account. Next, students can browse the catalog and put any book(s) “on hold” that they would like to checkout. Students can put up to 5 books on hold at a time! The Library Staff will then work on pulling all of the books that were placed “on hold” and will check them out. Students and parents will receive an email notification when books are checked out and ready to be picked up. Finally, books can be picked up during Curbside Book Checkout hours (EVERY Monday, anytime between 9:30-4:00). Book returns will also happen on Mondays between 9:30-4:00. For help with using the Library Catalog, take a look at the flyer at the top of the page or email Mrs. Hoffman (@email).

To pick-up your library books, drive, walk, bike (however you are able to get to the school) to the main entrance of the building. A staff member will gather student information (name, grade, teacher) and will then bring you the library books. If you have books to return, you can also hand those off to the available staff member. In addition, there will be book bins outside of the main entrance for book returns.

While we are so excited to get books to our students, safety is a number one priority. During Curbside Book Checkout hours, all staff members will wear a mask and we ask that students and families wear one, too. We will also maintain a safe distance at all times. When books are returned, they will remain in isolation, untouched, for 7 days before going back into circulation. Please be aware that returned books will remain on student library accounts for an additional 7 days until it is safe for Library Staff to handle the books and check them in.

Feel free to contact Librarian, Lisa Hoffman, anytime if you have questions, concerns, or need to make different arrangements for book pick-up or returns: @email