Marshall Road ES Students Inspire Kindness

December 17, 2019

The administration at Marshall Road Elementary challenged the entire school to participate in a Kindness project-based learning challenge throughout the month of December.  The driving question was, “How can you as Roadrunners, be kind and inspire kindness, in your classroom, our school, your family, and our community?”

Signs were hung outside every classroom for students to read and touch as they entered. Each class and grade level also challenged themselves to spread kindness. One kindergarten class painted kindness rocks and delivered them to support staff and specialists.  First graders became kindness ninjas; third graders spread kindness to the community by creating kindness quilts to hang in businesses throughout Vienna. One sixth grade class created a kindness box for the school lobby where students could write kindness notes to one another. In music class, students took popular winter songs and learned how to rewrite the lyrics using a theme of spreading kindness. Teachers continued to model kindness as they participated in a community service project, sharing food, gifts, and joy to those in need.